Our Journey So Far

We are a couple residing in Cyprus, best friends holding hands on this timeless journey and supporting each other to maintain a mindful and holistic life, in which we grow as individuals and together. We are blessed enough to pursue our passions, while focusing on inner journey, believing that life is a prayer, a meditation, in which we are all One. With awareness, we can live simply yet fully, honoring this Truth. Blessed we are that many things contribute in the meaningful life, allowing to keep collecting video, photo and written material to share many joyful and enriching moments with you.

The Essence of Well-Being


Born in Slovakia and living in Cyprus for the past ten years, her journey has taken many detours on the path of actively seeking peace within. Believing that everything, that life brings, is to be celebrated as a blessing to grow and transcend what no longer serves our purpose, she shares her passions, experiences and perceptions through Yoga teaching, Mantra singing and writing, while her urge to serve the others also brought love for practising Reiki and Metamorphic Technique.


Calling Cyprus his motherland, yet constantly in his wandering shoes, he is a silent hidden force. Creative and humble in his nature, he finds comfort behind the camera lenses, where his eyes for details and open heart uniquely capture the life stories. Always willing and helpful, with a strong sense of compassion, he is an experienced Tibetan Kunye Massage, Reiki and Metamorphic Technique practitioner. He unwinds the best by stroking the African djembe.