How to Enjoy a Cactus Fruit

Cactus fruit, prickly pear or, as in the land of its abundance Cyprus, paputsosiko, is as unique as its Greek name sounds! And those not discouraged by its tiny yet sharp spikes and tedious cleaning process will be rewarded with one of its kind refreshing taste and juicy texture. This delicious summer fruit growing widely on the island perfectly quenches the thirst. To avoid thorns and overcome often difficult terrains, pick them up with a special tool, purchased or homemade, place the fruits in a bucket (do not touch), pour water with pressure, shake the bucket and stir the fruits to get rid of their thorns. Catch very carefully or better, use a fork to poke one and clean. Cut gently on the edges and vertically across, separate the skin from the fruit until it rolls out. For a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients, enjoy raw or juiced.

This video is a tribute to this unique fruit, which meticulous cleaning process and often adventurous harvesting teach us patience, respect and appreciation of nature. Like life itself, things are sometimes seemingly unapproachable but with the right attitude, patience and persistence the efforts are rewarded with juicy fruits!


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