Heavenly Sesame Honey Bars (Pasteli)

You will become addicted to these easy to make, heavenly sweet and juicy "pastelaki", as called in Cyprus and Greece!

Only a few ingredients and a bit of patience for cooling the mix down! Yes, you will be tempted to devour them immediately! They will come out much softer than classic pasteli with sugar or glucose syrup, yet the taste of honey and roasted seeds is one of its kind plus much healthier! You may experiment further and add other favourite seeds and nuts or dried fruits, nothing can taste wrong in this combo! We added Cyprus delicacy - carob syrup for a nice kick. It is a perfect snack and energy boost for the whole family, even on the go, demonstrated in the video! Sweet-up your days and melt in every bite!

Ingredients (12 bars)

400 grams of honey (liquid consistency)

400 grams white sesame seeds

100 grams of sunflower and pumpkin seeds mix

3 tablespoons carob syrup (optional)


Preparation 5 minutes

Cooking 10 minutes

Cooling 5-6 hours

Heat a saucepan on mild temperature and roast the sesame seeds until golden brown. Keep mixing during the roasting to avoid burning the delicate seeds. Place the seeds in a bowl, clean and dry the saucepan and heat-up the honey until it starts boiling. Remove from the heat and add the sesame, sunflower-pumpkin seeds mix (or any other extras you prefer), carob syrup and mix very well so all the seeds absorb the honey juice. Place a baking paper sheet on a wooden chopping board or a tray. Pour the mixture and place another baking paper sheet on the top. Gently press down with the hand and then use a wooden roller to spread the mix evenly until forming 1 cm thickness (or thicker if you prefer). Cool the sweetness down for about 5-6 hours. We helped the process with the fridge as Cyprus temperatures are already high. Once cooled down and solid, without removing the baking papers, cut the mix into pocket-size bars, place in a food container and keep refrigerated or stored in a cool place.




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    1. Thank you for a great tip Mary, seems a great addition to boost the nutritional value, let’s try with the next batch!

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