Sun Salutation, a Yoga Practice for Every Body

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a profound Hatha Yoga practice, through which the practitioner can develop a complete meditative state in movement. The repetition of specific asanas (postures), the synchronicity of physical movements with deep breath and the concentration of the mind on the process, create a powerful method for experiencing what Yoga practice aims to achieve - unity of the body, mind and soul.

While it is a simple practice, its physical, mental and spiritual benefits are abundant. It is an offering to the Source of life, the Creator, thus performed humbly, from the heart, honoring the divine nature. Gentle movements from one posture to another are bridged by deep breaths and when fully focusing on fine-tuning this harmony, the mind settles in a present moment, without wandering around, and the unity between physical, mental and spiritual planes happens. One experiences joy and bliss by simply being present.

Aligning the bodily movements, breath and concentration is a foundation of Yoga asana practice, including the flowing Surya Namaskar, in order to purify the energy channels and support the removal of energy blockages, often translating into chronic and seemingly inexplicable health issues.

Recommended to practice upon awakening early in the morning, one can develop a joyful routine to stretch and strengthen the body, as well as boost the energy before diving into daily tasks. Sun Salutation is like a compact Hatha practice with all benefits in one go. And although ancient Yogis were repeating the cycle 108 times (it takes about 1.5 hours), everybody can adjust the practice accordingly, at least 3-5 rounds every morning for obvious benefits. Step into each cycle with an intention and observe how your mindset and the way you flow in your daily life transform.

There are many variations of Sun Salutation in specific Yoga branches and it is recommended to start with the basic one, master the flow and then experiment with alternatives. And where else to create a short Sun Salutation video if not by the banks of sunlit river Ganges in Rishikesh! We are sharing one round of the classic Surya Namaskar (right and left side), accompanied with a different mantra chanted for each pose, for an easier following.

We would be honored if this offering contributes in developing your own Surya routine, on your journey towards well-being!

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