The Metamorphic Technique, an Interview with Mr. George Theodorou

Metamorphic Technique is a simple, non-invasive self-healing technique, which uses light stroking movements on the inner line of the foot, hands or head to revive one’s own life energy and provide it a space for creating positive changes on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Mr. George Theodorou is the pioneer of the Metamorphic Technique, among other therapies, in Cyprus, a door keeper for many of us, blessed by his trust and a strong urge to share what has transformed his life and should be available for everyone. What he asks in return is no more than to respect this offering and to work from the heart. This short interview highlights his deep love for the technique, which is still growing even after four decades of practising and helping others. Mr. George lives in Nicosia and despite his age of 81, he still actively offers daily treatments to his many clients. His genuine happiness, simplicity and joyful, almost childlike presence is a great reminder for all of us of the immense capacity to live happily.

Mr. George, tell us how the Metamorphic Technique came to your life?

Metamorphic Technique in Greek means metamorphosis, transformation. And I really want to thank my teachers, who are already “upstairs”. One was Gaston Saint-Pierre*, a French-Canadian, a wonderful teacher and I am very grateful to him (*the founder of the Metamorphic Association and the Metamorphic Technique). I also want to thank my Tai Chi master John Kells, who paid for me to go and learn the metamorphic technique. He told me, “Go, it will change your life”. And it was so true. My life has changed completely. I have been “metamorphosising” since then.

How does the technique work and from where its transforming effect arises?

What we do, we work on feet. Everything is on the feet, such as the chakras and your prenatal energy. So by working there, your prenatal energy is waking up, it is scanning you to see what you need. And this energy heals you. As practitioners, we don’t do any healing directly, you are the healer yourself. In this case, people who say they are healing the others are saying lies. All is already inside you. The energy, the knowledge, your spiritual gifts. By working on the feet we are waking up the prenatal energy, which investigates you to find yourself. To find why are you here and this is how you change, how metamorphic changes you, it is a wonderful, wonderful therapy. At the same time, the prenatal energy relaxes you. It takes you to different [brain] wavelengths. It may take you to alpha (*resting state of the brain supporting mind/body integration) or theta (*as in a deep meditation, strong intuition and receipt of information beyond normal awareness). This is all happening, nobody really knows how exactly but once you try it, you will never forget it, and it is so.

I myself, have been doing and loving it for 40 years. It is my favourite therapy of all and i love it so much. It changed my whole life. So I really encourage people to try it and it is wonderful technique to learn too.

How does the technique support spiritual growth?

Metamorphic invokes spiritual enlightenment because you are not here only as a human, as a body, we are also spirits. Often we are unhappy because our spirit isn’t very happy and it is trying to tell us something, but we do not listen. When you do metamorphic, your whole body becomes relaxed, your wavelengths change and from there your spiritual gifts are being awaken. How wonderful it is to be you, your spirit and your spiritual gifts. We spend all our lives working but the most important is to find and discover who we really are. We are spirits and we must find that spirit within us. When it happens, one becomes free, as simple as this. Free to express, free to love. When I have done the first seminar, my life changed after 3 days. I was eating meat and I became vegetarian, I became more spiritual, I found my spirit. I found my destination, my purpose in life and I surrendered. Since then, I have been growing and growing. The biggest blessing goes to my teachers as they helped us all to grow. And I want people, with all my heart, to try it. The only thing you are going to say is Wow.

And could you tell us something about the symbol of metamorphic, the butterfly?

Before the butterfly appeared, it had been a worm. In March in Cyprus, we have a lot of worms, which then become butterflies. We are all little worms but inside us we have all the knowledge and once we discover it, we become butterflies. So beautiful. So what happens is that you release your past and you become free, free from everything. We can call it a spiritual transformation. As the little worm becomes free and turns into a butterfly, while releasing from within, we also have to release to be transformed, to become beautiful loving butterflies, as simple as that. We all have that [capacity] inside, therefore we must be free and release, release and release. It is like a skin, it keeps peeling and peeling and then the beauty is revealed inside the skin. It is so wonderful and the only way is to do it. And once you do it, you keep saying wow like me for 40 years (smile).

For more information about Mr. George’s work, visit his Facebook page New Age Healing. To try the Metamorphic Technique at the comfort of your home or at our premises, contact us, we will be happy to treat you!

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