"Mind says how, heart says now" Sri Mooji

We are all on a timeless journey of life! Regardless when and where our paths cross, let’s meet on the field of awareness, compassion and love.

Welcome friends!

As life continues with each breath, The Timeless Journey is an ongoing project capturing enriching moments, memorable experiences, meetings and exchanges and creative ideas, which have contributed in some way to our conscious living, have stimulated growth and joy and were inspiring enough to trust they should be shared with you. There is so much to discover, enjoy and appreciate in life, if only we keep looking through the lenses of gratitude, mindfulness, simplicity and humbleness. Let's hold each other's hands and walk together!

We are continuously working on fresh, original content from our travels and our life in Cyprus.  Let us be your eyes through Videos and Blog so you too can experience an atmosphere of unique places, learn from inspiring beings interviewed during heartfelt meetings, improve your well-being through Yoga and holistic health methods and feel joy as you immerse into conscious activities with us. We have recently added vegan recipes, easy and fun to cook with step-by-step videos.

Meet us better in About Us to connect and blossom on this journey together!

Love and gratitude from Mayka & Charlie

The Timeless Journey
Kozhikode backwaters, Kerala, India, Feb'19